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Diving Along the Pangani Coast

If you have ever wanted to try scuba diving in Tanzaina, then why not give it a go while you stay at Emayani on the Tanzania Swahili Coast. Its the perfect spot.

There are two highly experienced European trainers with the latest scuba gear. The Tanzania coast has great diving and while you dive the rest of the family can enjoy themselves with the many other activities the Emayani Lodge offers.

Whether you want to learn or are an experienced diver we have everything you need. Emayani Lodge offer sensibly priced training at all levels, and they have the boats and gear to ensure top quality diving.

Explore the unique underwater world of the Tanzania Coast. Dive Pangani's clear unspoiled waters and see a whole range of fish and colorful unspoiled coral reefs. Enjoy the peaceful silence with an amazing sea life around you.

Diving aside there are a surprising variety of things to do along the Tanzania coast.

What better way to unwind than to pull your beach bed into the shade of a palm and settle down for a good read? If you finish your books, don’t worry Emayani Lodge has a small library stocked with all sorts of good books you can borrow.

You can either swim from the shore and explore the small corals nearby, or you can arrange to go by boat to Maziwi Island. This small sand island was recently designated a marine reserve, it sits on a stunning coral reef, and snorkeling here offers great opportunities to see varied corals and sea creatures.

An ‘Ngalawa’ wooden outrigger, is ready to take you to the best fishing spots. The ocean here teems with fish and there is a very good chance of catching something, it could be anything from a guppy to a barracuda. Emayani Lodge has life jackets to borrow if you’d like to take the kids along.


Tourist Information & Business Contacts with Tanzania Run Businesses

We are able connect you directly with Tanzanian run businesses, tour operators, NGO's, community groups and information burro's. From big business to one man shows, from entertainment to accommodation to safaris we have the contacts to help you with you holiday, business interests, community work or school projects.

Tanzania awaits you, the hospitably for which this country is renown ensures your first contact leaves you eager to explore and communicate with this fascinating country and friendly culture.


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