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Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron

maasia men northern tanzania

Lake Eyasi
The safari enthusiast when on safari in the far north of Tanzania rarely venture to this wild seldom explored landscape. Lake Eyasi is a mildly alkaline lake stretching for about 50 km (31 miles) across the north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the grasslands of the Serengeti - as far as the eye can see, the horizon is dominated by the impressive Highlands.

This area is inhabited by small groups of bushmen - the Hadza and Watindiga who live in groups hunting with bow and arrows and gathering roots, tubers and wild fruits. Life here has changed little over the passed 100 years. The Hadza and Watindiga people made the area around Lake Eyasi their home when the stronger Maasai tribes moved into the Ngorongoro and Serengeti. [ Another interesting tribe in this area is the Datoga.]

A few safari operators are in contact with these native peoples and they permit tourists to accompany visit and show their daily life and hunting methods.

Lake Natron
One of the most original landscapes to see whilst on safari in this area is Lake Natron: home to the Maasai, who live here in the traditional way. This lake is home for millions of birds and therefore attracts some tourists on bird safari. Because this area is so inaccessible, it does not need to be protected: it is under not under the control of any National Park administration.

The area offers a challenging river walks with two waterfalls, a hike along the soda lake to see flamingos in huge numbers and sometimes giraffes and other animals are seen. A [difficult and very steep - for the very fit only] trek up Oldonyio Lengai, an active volcano, is one of the highlights of any adventure safari: Oldonyio Lengai is located in the heart of the Great Rift Valley and has erupted fifteen times in the past century. A challenging hike to the top of the "Mountain of God" offers an opportunity to view molten lava. From the summit are great views of the surrounding landscapes.

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