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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is an attitude of mind to which we should all aspire. When on a walking safari or camping safari it is a must to keep to the tracks laid out in the parks; in Tanzania it is important to keep to the designated trails whilst on safari. If a driver is caught making a new trail with his safari vehicle he looses his license and is banned from all National Parks. To keep to the trials helps protect fauna and prevents soil erosion. Tanzania takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously. The safari trade in these parks is the heritage of the Tanzanian people.


Tanzania Safari In Brief

cheetah,  Safari in Tanzania

To go on safari across the Serengeti a vast endless plain that boasts the highest concentration of game in Tanzania [or even Africa] is an almost spiritual experience. Next to the Serengeti National Park on Northern Tanzania Safari circuit is Ngorongoro Crater, is a huge Caldera enclosed by sheer walls; the crater is breathtaking; this is a safari in the garden of eden flourishes with flora and fauna in a relatively small area making for supurb safari experiences. Western Kilimanjaro where Tanzania and Kenya have met together makes for a truly unique game viewing safari, against the back drop of the majestic Kilimanjaro offeric the clasic safari experience .


A Safari to the last Great Migration

Tanzania Safari Photo

A Safari across the endless plains of the Serengeti in an unforgettable experience; it touches something deep within us; creating experiences that will be never be forgotten.  A safari through the Serengeti in Northern Tanzania is both intriguing and exciting, shaped by the fascinating balance between the wildlife, the landscapes and its people. The great migration is a year round migration and a unique safari experience - it is sometimes scattered over a large area and at other times the animals are concentrated into a huge mass of over a million animals.  It is the last remaining big migration left on our planet and as such many people want to witness this great event whilst on safari.

More on the Serengeti Safari

There is so much more to the Serengeti Safari than the Great Migration. These endless plains, contain valleys, hills and woodland as well as the open plains that seem to stretch out forever. Every time of year offering something different, something special. However, the Great Migration seems to be the only thing on the itinerary. The Serengeti is more than this single spectacular event and we urge you to take time to discover as much as you are able on your Serengeti Migration or Lion Safari. When in Africa, if you slow down and spend some time exploring; you will be well rewarded with a safari an experience to treasure always.


Southern Tanzania makes for a truly wild safari. This vast, seldom traveled area offers safaris that evoke the romance, enchantment and spiritual delight of the Tanzanian Bush. The Selous Game Reserve is as huge as it is wild - it is possible to drive on safari for the whole day and not meet another vehicle; this reserve is also famed for boat safaris along the Rufiji River.

Western Tanzania is home to Gombe Stream and Mahale National Parks and they sit on Lake Tanganyika. They provide a rare opportunity to observe and study the behavior of the chimpanzee and this area is one of the most interesting places for a safari taht the world has to offer.

Tourism and Safaris can change lives and we here at bethel embrace the concept of Responsible Tourism. Tourism can change the lives of the poor in Tanzania, it is our responsibility as we travel on safari to ensure we do our bit to improve the lives of the communities we meet.



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